About Us

Lemmon Law Firm, L.L.C. was established by Andrew Lemmon in 1998 as a New Orleans and River Parishes (Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Charles Parish, and St. John Parish) law firm offering professional legal services to individuals, small businesses, and local government.

The firm’s Hahnville office is conveniently located near the courthouse and other government offices. The attorneys make regular appearances before the courts and government agencies on behalf of its clients including insurance, hurricane, domestic, personal injury, wills and successions, speeding and other tickets, misdemeanors and other criminal matters, toxic tort, oil and gas, securities, environmental, business, and other litigation.

The practice is located in the Vial Law Building, established by James P. Vial, one of the first lawyers in St. Charles Parish, and grandfather of the firm’s founder.

The firm has several other attorneys on staff or of counsel, including a retired Louisiana Supreme Court Justice. Lemmon Law Firm employs a full staff of experienced support workers to help meet its clients’ needs and expectations.

Family History

Andrew Lemmon is the first of the third generation of Vial-Lemmon lawyers, having graduated from Loyola in 1987 as a member of the Loyola Law Review and in 1994 from the George Washington University with the LL.M. degree in environmental law. He combines the family’s work with a passion for the environment and has made it into a lifelong business. In April 2000, with the birth of his son, Stuart, perhaps the fourth generation of Vial-Lemmon lawyers, he came back to where it all started by opening the Hahnville office of the Lemmon Law Firm in the original office of his grandfather, James P. Vial, complete with his grandfather’s original desk. Andrew now has a trial practice in New Orleans and Hahnville, where he represents individuals and small businesses, and handles personal injury matters and selected public interest litigation with issues he deems important. Read Vial-Lemmon Family Continuing the Bench/Bar Legacy.