We assist clients with successions from the filing of the Will to the final order of the Court. This includes working with the family to determine all assets and debts of the decedent, preparing and filing all succession pleadings, and court appearances.

The most common and most tragic problems encountered in successions arise when family members do not get along and attempt to bring other family troubles or grudges into the already complex realm of successions. In most cases, when siblings or legatees get along or decide to cooperate, a succession can be a relatively painless process.

Other problems might also surface. For instance, there may be a Will contest or challenge. In some cases, court proceedings may be necessary to recover succession property being held by a relative or to recover possession to a family home from a relative residing there. In addition, in many unfortunate cases, the person charged with administration of the estate may be less than truthful with the succession’s heirs. In these cases especially, a prospective heir should seek the representation of a Succession attorney. We look forward to working with you to help solve all of your succession needs.