Some people think that they don’t need a Will because they don’t have very many assets. It’s true that one purpose of having a Will is to make sure that you determine what will happen to your assets upon your death. With a Will you can designate that specific assets go to specific individuals. Family heirlooms can go to the appropriate family member. Assets can be left to those who have the greatest need for them. A Will also gives you the opportunity to remember charities, close friends who are not related by blood or marriage, loyal employees, etc. If you do not have a Will at the time of death State law determines who gets your assets. But if you have minor children, a Will allows you to choose a tutor/tutrix in the event you and your spouse die in a common accident. Without a Will, the State chooses the tutor/tutrix and that person may not have been the person you would have chosen. We can help you determine your specific needs and plan accordingly. Also see Successions